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welcome 2nd

2nd Grade Teachers:

Michelle Bering (Room 8)

Heidi Smutny (Room 9)

Mariah Brown (Room 10)

Learning Tools

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2nd Grade Info

Welcome to 2nd grade! As a second grader, your child will have a learning experience that is fun-filled and includes new skills in math, reading, social studies, and writing.

Mark your calendar - August 17: Back to School Night from 5:00-6:00!


Suggested -

  • Wired earbuds
  • 12 #2 sharpened pencils
  • Boys - 1 canister Clorox/Lysol wipes
  • Girls - 1 square box of Kleenex

Morning Drop-Off

Your child should go directly to the playground after hanging his/her backpack on the hooks outside the classroom. After the bell rings, your child will line up according to their classroom number. Their teacher will then meet their class on the blacktop and walk them back to the classroom.


At the end of our school day your child will be dismissed directly from their classroom. Those children who are Kids Country attendees, will walk to either location alone or with another friend (if that is what you have arranged). Bus riders are walked to the front of school. If you are picking your child up from the classroom, you may wait for them in the courtyard outside their classroom or have them meet you out at the back parking lot. If you are late picking up your child, they will be waiting for you in the school office.

Snack Time

Please send a healthy snack with your child every day, even if they are buying lunch. By our snack recess, the children are hungry! 

Lunch Time

2nd graders have lunch in the cafeteria everyday. They can bring their lunch from home or they can pick up a free Grab and Go Meal available for all students!

      healthy grab and go


Your child will receive nightly homework that will be sent home in a Homework Folder. Any unfinished class work or important notices will also be sent home in the folder.

In addition your child should read at least 15-20 minutes each night. This can be done independently, or you can enjoy the books together.

2nd smiles
picture day
picture day
spectacular 2nd

Field Trips

More Information coming soon!

If you would like to Volunteer, please make sure to sign up to Be A Mentor.  Please look for it under the tab for Parents.  There are several levels of volunteering that each need to be addressed if you wish to be in a classroom, on our playground, or helping with field trips. Unless you are in the system and approved you may not volunteer.

2nd grade here we come