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Site Council

The overall responsibility of the Green Valley Elementary School Site Council is to serve as the school community representative body for determining the focus of the school's academic instructional program and all related categorical resources. This includes developing and monitoring the Single Plan for Student Achievement and the School Safety Plan on a yearly basis.

Under California Law, schools that receive funds under the School Improvement Program (SIP) need to have a Site council in place to determine the use of the funds. 

The intent of the California Legislator in creating School Site Councils was the principle that the individuals who are most affected by the operation of a school should have a major role in the decisions regarding how a school functions. The Site Council must be composed of an equal number of elected representatives from the parent community and the teacher/school community.

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Learn more and click here to read the bylaws.

Up coming meetings:

Sept. 8th 2020


@ 3pm - 4:30pm

 Virtual Meeting - Please email Principal Grim for link at

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