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P.E. Teacher
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Physical Education

Flag Football Lesson Plans

We will be Playing Flag Football in class starting October 15th!!!!!



                                                                      Flag Football

Lacrosse Guest
Lacrosse Guest

P.E. Games & Rules

Run Club Parent Volunteers

PE Expectations .


In an effort to provide the best environment for safe and successful learning, parents need to make sure their children dress properly for P.E.

  • Students should be wearing athletic shoes with socks.  NO flip flops, Tevas, Keens, Uggs, boots, Shape Ups, slip-ons or skateboard shoes.
  • Shoelaces (or straps) must be tied tightly!!
  • Students need to be in comfortable clothing - shorts, swats, etc.  Jeans, skirts, and dresses ARE NOT to be worn for P.E.


Water Bottle:

​Please send your child to school with a water bottle on P.E. Days.  It must include their NAME!


Student Injuries & Illness:

Students need to bring a note from a parent/guardian if they are unable to participate.  This note is only valid for one week of P.E. classes.  If more time is needed to heal, a note from a doctor is required.  It is our belief that while an injury/illness may prevent a child from doing ALL activities during P.E. class, there are many activities in which they can still participate with some modifications.  Thus, all notes to the P.E. Teacher should include:

  • Date
  • Specific injury or illness
  • Specific activities child is not allowed to participate in 
  • Parents signature and phone number