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Music Vocal Class

Music Instructor


Vocal Music Program

The general (“vocal”) music program at Green Valley Elementary School is based on the techniques and ideas of Carl Orff and Zoltan Kodaly (both are 20th century composers with strong contributions to music education). Carl Orff designed the beautifully tuned “xylophone-type” instruments and methods of using them to create layers of patterns for music he termed “elemental music” (similar to music found all around the world – Bali, Africa etc).  Zoltan Kodaly designed a sequential method of ear training that leads to music reading in a natural and functional way.  Children hear speech, copy speech, then later learn to read and write. 

The program developed by Sarah Rick (our music teacher) strives to give every child the opportunity to: (1) sing in tune (2) move rhythmically (3) Play and perform music in various ensembles (using percussion, mallet percussion, recorder, and voice) as well as (4) learn to read music.

Kinder-1st grade – Laying the Foundation

  • Children participate in “Listen & Move” activities.  The students “show” what they hear (fast/slow, high/low, big beat/little beat).
  • Simple songs are taught to encourage “in-tune” singing with everyone having opportunities to sing with the group, or sing by themselves (sometimes with puppets).
  • Exploration on various percussion instruments
  • Traditional song games.

2nd grade – Putting the pieces Together

  • Ear training formally begins which will lead to reading rhythms (using a syllable system) and reading pitches (using “do, re, mi” syllables).
  • Children learn to keep the beat on a xylophone while singing a song.  We also add other instrumental parts to the song.
  • Simple folk dances as well as more complex folk dances.

3rd grade – Recorder Karate!

  • Reading simple rhythms in duple and triple meter
  • Read “do, re, mi” and “A,B,C”
  • Learn to play the recorder
  • Sing in 2-3 part rounds
  • Perform with singing, movement, xylophones and recorders!

4th-5th grade

  • Introduction to Jazz Styles
  • Singing with “head” voice and “chest” voice as appropriate for style
  • Syncopated rhythms
  • Swing time (for jazz)
  • 2-part choral arrangements
  • Various world music forms
About Lydia Lim

 Lydia Lim is the new TK - 5 General Music teacher at Green Valley Elementary and will be using singing, rhythms, and percussion to teach life skills as well as character through music. Before working at Green Valley, Ms. Lim worked 5 years as a high school band director and 2 years as middle school band director in Concord, Pleasanton, and Menlo Park. Ms. Lim graduated with a Bachelor’s of Music in Percussion Performance at the University of Southern California where she had a dream of being in the pit orchestra of the musical “Wicked”. However, after teaching music privately as a side hobby, she realized her passion for music education far surpassed her passion to perform, which resulted in her receiving a Master's degree in Education from USC shortly after. 

Outside of teaching, Ms. Lim enjoys a myriad of activities including climbing, running, watching movies, and reading mystery novels. She is beyond excited to be teaching at Green Valley and cannot wait to meet to everyone next week!"