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Green Valley LIBRARY CURBSIDE PICK-UP and Classroom library book delivery drop off is over for the 2020-2021 school year! 

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students! 

It's hard to believe that it is already May and summer vacation is right around the corner!  Every year in the library--we close the library down and prepare for the end of the school year and our library inventory.  That means getting all the books back from the patrons (teachers, staff, parents, and students) who have borrowed library material (books, etc.).  This process takes times, but I need your help to make it successful!  Please make sure that your child has returned all of their library books by Thursday, May 13th.  Please remember that if your child has lost or damaged a library book(s) that you are responsible for paying for that book.  Email me at to get the replacement cost if you know that this has happened.  I'll be sending emails shortly to parents and students if you have any library books that have not been returned after the May 13th deadline.  There are still some students who have books out from right before the pandemic and the schools closed (March 2020) for in person instruction.  These books need to be returned also!  

I'm really glad that many of our students took advantage of our curbside pickup/drop off library service this school year!  I hope you enjoyed all the books that you were able to checkout!  

Have a wonderful summer and remember to keep on reading!  There's access to many wonderful and interactive eBooks through the AV2 and Lightbox subscription that our library has as well as our Tumblebooks subscription.  To access these wonderful resources--all you need is a computer, internet connection, and you need to get there through the Green Valley website!  Just click on the library tab under the Academic tab and on the Home tab of the library catalog, you'll see on the left hand side the link to the AV2 books and the link to the Lightbox books.  Over to the right hand column about half way down you'll see a heading titled:  Fun Things to do:  Tumblebooks is there!  Of course--there's lots to browse through on the entire page--so have fun exploring!  I often post new links so check back often!  Happy Exploring!  

Get Caught Reading,


Brenda Dvorak, LMC

Green Valley Library

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