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Green Valley Elementary

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    Site Council Information

    Donna and Gus

     HOme of the Colts!

    Kinder Yard

    It is with excitement, gratitude, and joy that I share with you the magic our TK and Kindergarten children will come back to and have for years to come.  Many thanks to Katie Alworth, Erin Hirst, the Green Valley PTA, and the community at large that worked to make this magical playground come to life.  Please enjoy!

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    Welcome to Green Valley Elementary. I hope you find the information on these pages useful and that it inspires you to become an active member of our Community.


    Donna Grim, Principal

    Donna Grim

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    Office Hours
    Monday thru Friday

    7:30am to 4:00pm

    (except Holidays)
    Main Line: 925-855-5400
    Fax Line: 925-837-3807


    Colts Connecting Our Community:  The PTA is starting a new community building program that connects new families with returning families at Green Valley!  Colts Connecting Our Community is a brand new program we are starting at GV and our main focus is YOU, our collective Green Valley families.  Welcome!

    Are you a new family to Green Valley, Danville/Alamo or to California in the 2020-2021 school year?  The flood of pert

    inent information in a new school can be hard to digest, so we want to pair you up with a family who knows the ropes and can help you navigate the new and unfamiliar territory. Please fill out our informational form and we will match you up with a Green Valley Colts Greeter to offer you guidance and help welcome you to our wonderful community!

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    I love books

    GirlscoutsNEW Girl Scout Troop (Troop 31287) for Green Valley Kindergarteners 

    Mr echo

    Important Dates

    April 27: SRVUSD High School Inclusion & Diversity Committees presents "Stories Build Bridges" featuring Jasmine A. Jones @ 6:30pm

    April 29 & 30: Advocacy Day for Education - Moving Forward with Resiliency  

    April 30: Last day to bid on Teacher Treats

    May 3 to May 7: Teacher Appreciation Week

    May 4: SRVUSD Board of Education Meeting @ 7:00 pm in the SRVHS MPR, streamed on YouTube

    May 31: Memorial Day Holiday (No School)

    June 3: Last Day of School (Minimum day schedule)

     Learning Fund News

    Teacher Treats

    Last Call for Donation Matching - Opportunity to raise $30,000 in April! Thanks to a very generous family, donations will be matched up to $15,000 and will support the Learning Fund budget for the 2021/2022 school year. This is an amazing opportunity for our children and school. If you’re looking to give, now is the time to double your impact through April 30. 

    Learning Fund Positions for 2021/22: Congrats to our new board members! The Learning Fund is still looking for a President/Vice President. These positions are necessary and required in order for the Learning Fund Board to exist.

    join our team

    Secretary: Mandy Fields

    Treasurer: Stephanie Eustis

    Financial Secretary: Desiree Tieskoetter

    Ed Fund Rep: Lisa Coburn

    Marketing: Ashley Valentino

    Auction Chair: Chad Nichols

    Apex Fun Run: Alix Allocco

    Partnerships: Lindsey Langdon

    Employer Match: Nori Gleeman

    yard signs

    Green Valley PTA

    PTA Executive Board Positions 2021 - 2022: 

    • President - Joanne Miloseski
    • Vice President - Aliza Grosh
    • Secretary - Cori Gouveia
    • Treasurer - Brandon Hairston
    • Financial Secretary - Megan Acharya
    • Parliamentarian - Maryam Mercado
    • Student Education - Debbie Pettish
    • Legislation - Aliza Grosh
    • Membership/Hospitality - Helen Clarke
    • Room Parent Coordinator - Amy Mourelatos
    • Communications - Celeste Marie Splan/Lindsay Penkower

    we need you

    The remaining open PTA positions are below, please consider joining in this fulfilling effort to support Green Valley.

    • Student Affairs
    • Health and Wellness
    • IDC (Inclusion and Diversity Committee) 
    • Auditor 
    • Ways & Means
    • Community Service
    • Reflections Chair 

    Please email PTA President Joanne Miloseski to volunteer or for further details.

    Green Valley Attendance

    Gus ans students

    GV spotlight Lisa Coburn 


    Green Valley Volunteer Spotlight: This week, we are shining a spotlight on the incredible volunteers who serve on the board of the GV Learning Fund.

    Lisa Coburn, President of the GVLF, took some time to share with me her thoughts and impressions of the inspiring folks who have served alongside her during her tenure in the leading role. Lisa has long been active on the GVLF and she can particularly speak to the impressive efforts that her co-board members have made in the last 18 months to continue serving and striving to the fulfill the GVLF mission for Green Valley! Lisa was eager for us all to understand that while the pandemic was truly a seismic shift in the momentum for GVLF success, their collective dedication and focus on supporting the students and staff at GV through crucial fundraising efforts did not falter at all, and their spirits have steadily remained positive, even when circumstances were quite daunting. GVLF truly is there to make sure that our kids, teachers, and staff have as much as possible to keep providing that National Blue Ribbon/State Gold Ribbon quality education. District funding from the state level has obviously diminished and continues to be hard to predict for the year to come, but Lisa and her crew remain committed to help fill any gaps in what comes to our students in the classroom. What are those gaps, exactly? The GVLF has boosted, partially funded or fully funded key aspects of the school environment at GV that do not make the district's site budget: the shade structures on the playground, the brand-new Kindergarten play structure, music time for the TK/K classes, library time, technology assistants, science hours, professional development time for the teachers and teacher grants for individual classroom equipment needs, and much more!

    It is important to remember, traditionally GVLF generates the largest chunk of fundraising from the annual auction gala that takes place in February or March. A fun night for parents and GV staff alike, this event often brings in several thousand dollars in one night. The covid-19 shutdown abruptly thwarted the 2020 Auction plans, mere days before it was to take place -- which meant the auction co-chairs had to scrap a full year's worth of planning for the physical event and pivot to an online auction -- all in such a short time. Pivot they did! Volunteering for the GVLF took on a whole new meaning in the last year or so, and Lisa wanted to highlight and praise the collaboration she has seen in this time. Not only that, but dedicated teacher reps consistently make the time to attend GVLF board meetings, even when the workload in the classroom doubled or tripled due to covid-19 complications, and they stayed for many longer-than-normal meetings as the whole GVLF board did deep dives into conversations about keeping GVE moving forward as unscathed by the pandemic as possible. Special shout-out to Colleen Logan, Julie Ouye and Jennifer McCullough for being these invaluable and tireless liaisons! Donna Grim is also an unwavering constant and cheerful presence at all of these meetings, and in meetings with GV PTA and Site Council as well.

    Lisa also echoed a sentiment that I personally have observed whenever I have given my time to GVE in any format -- getting involved in this manner does so much more than just "support the kids." Joining a group of volunteers allows you to meet parents across grade levels and broadens your chance to make new friends and connections in the community that you might not otherwise come across! Additionally, everyone brings something unique to the table. Lisa was emphatic that her board members have brought a pooling of amazing skill sets and strengths to the GV community that just blows her away.

    Lisa was also quick to say that the other councils involved in supporting GVE have created a powerful triad with GVLF in navigating through such a challenging time in education. At a time when such inter-council relationships could have really disintegrated, Joanne Miloseski's PTA and Elizabeth Weiss' Site Council have also put in a LOT of hours to steer through troubled waters, and with Lisa, they continue to cheer on our GV Colts with all their hearts.

    In summation, this incredible group of hard-working volunteers on the board of the GVLF deserves our spotlight this week and our kudos for caring SO deeply about our school and our community to go above and beyond in giving much of their time, all with no compensation except our gratitude. The 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 GVLF Boards really are a special group of people and stand as an example of how adversity can create unbreakable bonds that can move mountains. Together, we are Green Valley!

    -- Juliet Meinert



       Curbside pickup

    10:30AM - 3:45PM 


    4/29 & 4/30


    5/13 & 5/14

    5/27 & 5/28

    Pick up days are Thursdays and Fridays between 10:30 am - 3:45 pm. Please make sure you come to the front parking lot of Green Valley on the dates listed above to collect important materials and work your student needs for remote learning -- or send a friend to grab it for you!  It's not just pens and crayons, but worksheets and other specific items your student's teacher has prepared for your child to work on at home in conjunction with the virtual teaching.  To save resources, please keep the green plastic bag you received at the last pick up and keep the personalized canvas bag that is to come, as they will be reused and swapped out for each other during each pick up date.  This will help teachers and staff to continue to prepare materials for your child!  




    Are you looking for something good to read?  Our school library is still available to you--even though we are doing this very differently than we have in previous years.  So, why not learn how you can get access to actual books from your school library?  We have a wonderful selection of great books!  All you have to do is request library book holds (go to the Green Valley library webpage) and watch the video to learn how to request a hold or multiple holds for library books.  I'll process these holds and they will be ready at the grade level library curbside pickup (if the library books are available and holds were received by the deadline).  

    TK-2 holds/requests for library book(s) are due by Thursday, 4/22/21 by 1PM for curbside/MPR library pickup on Thursday, 4/29/21 and Friday, 4/30/21.  

    Get Caught Reading,

    Brenda Dvorak, LMC
    Green Valley Library


    wishing Tree

    Words Matter - What is your word of 2021 that will lift you up? 

    Believe, hope, unity, trust, integrity, fairness, acceptance, patience, perseverance, compassion, empathy, love...pick your own for the new year and add it to GV's Wishing Tree in front of the office!wishing tree



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    Onsite Child Care


    Kiva Ho – SiteDirector 


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    About Our School

    About Us

    gold ribbon schoolOur Mission: The Green Valley Community believes in teaching the whole child through balanced, relevant curriculum in a collaborative and respectful environment.

    Grade levels: TK-5
    Established: 1952
    Enrollment: 502

    Green Valley Elementary School was built in 1952, and serves students living in the northeast section of Danville. The neighborhood consists of a variety of residential areas that include single family homes and a few condominiums. Attendance is determined and established by school district boundaries.